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Nong Khiaw Primary School Project

Building currently used for cooking. Last month whilst traveling in Northern Laos we visited Nong Khiaw Primary School and handed out exercise books to the children. The children were beautiful and the learning conditions to say the least, primitive. On speaking to the Principal we asked him what the school needed. A toilet. When we arrived home, my daughters Lauren and Ella decided they would like to help the school and have been madly baking cupcakes to sell along with bracelets, and purses we bought in Laos. They have been sacrificing their Sundays getting up early and joining me at the markets. So far along with some generous donations they have raised $700. Since starting this project we have joined with a mutual friend to also help Nong Khiaw’s neighboring school. This school does not have electricity or running water. Every Sunday children from the outlying villages and hill tribes come by boat to both schools, bringing with them a bag of rice for the week. They sleep at the school until Friday when they return home. The school does not have a building to cook in. Sadly these schools are no different to a lot of schools in Laos. Our goal is to raise $2000 to build a toilet at Nong Khiaw and assist the school in obtaining running water and a kitchen. Any donations are gladly appreciated and bank details can be provided by contacting


Classroom-DesksClassroom-BlackboardSchool children in classroom at Nong Khiaw School.