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Amazing Kutch

I have been travelling the world and meeting Artisans making some of the most beautiful handicrafts. It is always good to meet thesekutch2 wonderful people and I never fail to admire their resilience. In the rkutch8ecent months I have been in India, I have made a few road trips. My own journey of exploration of my beloved India, to feel and to cherish the beauty of the people.

India is one of the top Handicraft producer and exporter. No wonder there is just so much it has to offer both in material and design. My recent visit was to Kutch Region of Gujarat State in Western India. I met the village Artisans making distinctly Kutchi style footwear, clothing with their unique and colourful embroidery, handbags and homewares.There is a thriving export market and the quality of the products was reakutch-picslly admirable. We will be starting our own trading in some of these products soon. In the meantime, if you need ankutch9ything specific please reach out and we will be happy to organise it for you

The Rann of Kutch, the 'White Desert' is one of the best trips I have made...look forward to going back there soon kutch5