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Sampan News: Changing Horizons

In the past 6 months Sampan and our suppliers have been relentlessly working towards making our customer service best in the industry and we have received many positive reviews. We have also introduced new and beautiful products includingTF Crushed Green 2 the tree free paper bags, handmade Longpi pottery and handmade bags from water reed

Nut-BowlOur products are currently sold in almost 20 retail stores in Australia and New Zealand and also available for purchase on The Good Spender website, giving our producer partners exposure to a wide customer base

We are now poised towards a major change and growth phase. In the next few months, Sampan will become a hub for Ethical and Eco-friendly products and brands. In addition to the brands we currently sell, new social and ethical brands will be introduced. Our aim in the long run is to make Sampan a marketplace conceptIMG_4302
Vietnamese Homewares
New Green/Gold Range
In April, we will launch our new brand bamboo & silk and a new website focused purely on Bamboo and Silk products only. This new service will operate out of Vietnam and ship globally to our end customers. We are excited about our new brand and the prospects it has for our producers. The best part is, all order processing, shipping and also customer interaction will be done by the producers and or their representatives   We will set a benchmark in transparent pricing, shipping and customer service. More in the coming weeks....stay tuned The Brand and The Team........ B&SIMG_4300IMG_4241