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Hoi An Floods

It has been very tough few weeks for our friends and Artisans in Hoi An. The floods in Central and North Vietnam have been devastating.  The rains began in early November and have continued to create havoc sincehoi-an-floods-1 News reports indicate at least 13 people dead in the recent flooding,  The most recent deaths, which occurred on Saturday in Quang Nam, included three drowned children. Hoi An town is in this province hoian-floods-2 There has been shortage of food and some of our partners have been stuck in their homes/offices for days. The floods have also resulted in significant economic loss to the local people with tourism almost coming to a stand still. Our Lantern production has also been on hold for the last 1 week. However, the flood waters are clearing and the hardy and resilient people of Vietnam are getting things back to normal. hoi-an-floods-4We hope and pray for all the people who have been impacted by the floods and we will continue to support them as always hoi-an-floods-5