Warli Tribal Art: Sun the Center

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The paintings convey profound thoughts about life through the simplest and boldest strokes. The artists use natural elements to create the art. Rice powder and natural dies and colours are used to create some of the most profound image depicting a part of tribal culture. Most of warli paintings are drawn in circles.

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Born and raised in a small village of Dahanu district, Maharastra , India, Jayesh is the only educated son of the family. His family has been residing in the same village from last 4 -5 generations. Jayesh stay’s in a joint family with his parents, brother, sister and their children. He comes from a very humble background wherein all his family works in rice fields for their earnings. Jayesh who inculcated a liking towards warli painting while learning basics from his grand parents.He is now working fulltime as an artist. His monthly income is close to $100 and selling his paintings contribute to some extent towards family expenses. He would like to make this as a career and spread the awareness of his tribal culture globally.