Handmade Treefree Paper Gift Bags and Tags Pack (20 bags + 20 tags)

$95.95 $39.95

But bulk and save 10% when with this pack. The beautiful bags are a style statement reflecting your commitment towards ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly existence

Product Description

The bags are made from handmade non-paper using cotton cuttings, rice husk and agriculture waste. Each sheet of handmade paper is coloured before these beautiful bags are produced. The bags are sturdy and show your love for all things natural, eco-friendly and ethical. Why gift wrap or buy commercially produced bags, when you can have the eco gift bags! Learn more about the makers, Sri Aurobindo   Get ready for all your special occasions. One pack and all your gift packing needs are covered. From the big Mama to the little friend with a tail at the end. 20 bags (4 of each size in marble effect (small, medium and large), 4 crushed effect and 4 wine bags in a range of colours) and 20 message and gift tags. (2 packs ) This product saves you 10% on the bags.