Eco Hand Bag: Water Reed

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The bags  do not have any lining in them and are 100% water reed. Ideal for carrying your little trinkets, clutch and accessories.

Product Description

Locally known as Kouna, this species of Water Reed is a unique eco- friendly plant that grows in the swamps of Manipur. This spongy water reed is nature's gifts to the people of Manipur. The bio-degradable, non-toxic and air conditioning properties of Kouna makes it an ideal raw material for eco-friendly home decor & fashion items like mats, carpets and handbags. Handbags made from Water Reed are unique, environmental friendly and yet contemporary looking. Dimensions Length 10" x Width 15" X Thickness 5" Weight 390 g Find out more about the creators, the Kouna Sisters Learn more about Water Hyacinth