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Chinese lanterns from Hoi An, Vietnam

We have a great range of handmade lanterns from Hoi An, Vietnam. Hoi An, was settled by Chinese traders in the 18th Century.  Traditionally hung on a full moon they are said to bring good luck to the house they inhabit. Beautiful when suspended inside or out in clusters of glorious colour and shapes, the sight of a silk lantern always takes us back to the majestic village of Hoi An. The frames of these lanterns are made from bamboo and wood at Smile House.  Smile House opened in January 2010 and now provides employment and support to people with a disability who make handicrafts such as lanterns, embroidery, and bags. Many of its members, who were often rejected by other employers, say their souls have been reborn after coming to Smile House, where they are loved by everybody. A local family then covers the frames in a silk brocade. Available for sale in Australia from our online store.   Lit up coloured silk lanterns.  Smile House group photo with bicycles.Red Chinese lanternVietnamese silk lantern from Hoi An, VietnamLantern from Hoi An